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Hello there,
Wonderful followers of T.F.L our long awaited cleaning up campaign project is tomorrow July 25, 2015. We will gather at God of Mercy School compound Wroto town junction Airfield Sinkor around 8:00Am.The process will last for four hours.Than you can get back to your normal activities. At TFL we are not only learning about computers, but also making impact in the communities and inviting others to join us. As you know “cleanliness is next to Godliness”. Join us and let’s reach out. We can only make a "change" by sharing and helping others. Likewise, please be inform that our new set of T-Shirts will be available soon for our anniversary celebration. So if you are interested in getting one please contact our able sister Georgenita B. Richards.Call 0886-44-38-29. As you know TFL is non-profit organization.If you can help in away, please let us know. (SHARING IS CARING) Hope to see you all.

Windows 10 has been finalized.


Update of Project and Anniversary

Good day guys, We hope you had an awesome weekend. T.F.L is making progress. Yesterday we had our general meeting and came up with some amazing ideas to meet our goals and celebrate our anniversary in grand style. 
The anniversary day is set for the 2nd of August 2015. On that day we plan to have a lot of indoor activities.We plan to execute our project on the 25 of July. We will gather on the God of mercy school compound, Airfield, Sinkor at the precise hour of 8:00am. Hope to finish by 12:00pm. 
Our project entails a cleaning up campaign in the Wroto-town community.We are not only building minds at T.F.L. But finding other ways to help the communities. As the saying goes “CLEANNESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS".
Join us when you can. We will be purchasing a new set of T-shirts for all. So if you need one please contact us for details. Also little fees of $5.00 United States dollars will be collected for refreshment. If you have any questions or want to be part of the celebration or help in…

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