September Training Update

Thanks to all who attended our free training section yesterday, we had a great time. Since we are looking at our survey closely, to bring you free computer training each month with God’s help. We will do our best to organize different computer training in line with our survey.
 Thanks to our secretary Dorbor Richards for a unique presentation on how to create an Email address, the security measures that goes along with a successful email account. A big thank you to our director Karmoh Dolleh who give an exclusive explanation on the topic Introduction to computer.

 Telling us the types of computers, it functions, and features. The parts of a computer and the kinds of operating systems available to us.We still have another Sunday to go. Where we will be learning about our Facebook privacy. If you would like to know how to manage your Facebook account like what appears on your timeline, tagging, blocking unnecessary messages etc. join us. Sunday 4:00 Pm @ the GOD OF MERCY SCHOOL COMPOUND AIRFIELD SINKOR WROTO-TOWN.

This and many other social media sites like twitter and tumbler we will lecture on in the future. We have a lot to learn and share among ourselves. Technology forum is seeking support or collaboration with other like-minded organization to help more people. If you can help us in any way please feel free to contact us. (SHARING IS CARING)
Karmoh Presenting

Dorbor Presenting


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